Bastille Day – july 14th (part two) Le Corbusier

July 15, 2011 § 2 Comments

the bus stop

After lunch and our attempt at napping (Mr. T wasn’t having any of THAT today!) we took the short drive to visit one of Le Corbusier’s buildings, which just happens to be an apartment building. Although we would have wanted to enter an actual apartment, you have to book such a meeting, so this time we settled on touring the outside on our own.

As a little side note I’d just like to say that it wasn’t very many years ago that I first heard about Le Corbusier and his work and it strikes me as OUTSTANDING that I, just yesterday, was able to not only visit one of his buildings in France, but to do so with my French hubby and my Franco-American son. Had you told me that that would have happened to me I would have looked at you as though you had two heads. Life is fantastic!

Enjoy the pictures!

Love and light,


view from the front

my boys, happy to be there


playing in the park located just behind the building


a closer look - I want to go inside!!




notice that the color in this case is a sun shade

around and around


walking through the underpass to exit the property


one word - massive

the front of the building is much more weathered than the back

the balcony's beneath the large window don't seem so nice...



§ 2 Responses to Bastille Day – july 14th (part two) Le Corbusier

  • Antonio Macatol II says:

    Hey Danni! Good to see you & the fam are having fun! What is Bastille Day? I’ll probably google it later..

    I’ve been meaning to show you what’s happened to Waterbury Connecticut since you’ve left but keep forgetting to take pictures! Maybe someday..

    Anywho.. hope all is well over there!


    • Hey Antonio!
      Bastille Day is France’s National Day. By the way how was your 4th of July spent? Did you have a big family gathering? Your family was always good at throwing nice parties with great food :) I’d love to see some pictures of Waterbury as it looks now – please take those pics!! Hugs, Danielle

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