it’s a girl

July 10, 2011 § 2 Comments

this is the very first thing that I bought her while on vacation in Spain

some basic girl necessities - I don't care much for pink (a tiny bit goes a looooong way)

It’s a girl!!!! We only found out this past Thursday after my ultrasound and of course I could’t help but cry at the wonderful news – a girl!!! I’ve been seeing two gynecologists so far (which was confusing for everyone) but I managed to get the one that I saw last Thursday to be my sole doctor up to the point that I have to start attending check-ups at my hospital. It’s a pity that I didn’t pick the hospital that she works for because now I’ll have to see about 4 different doctors during the final two months of my pregnancy…and of course, who knows who will help me give birth to this little baby girl.

Now that we’re moving though, I don’t see the point of complicating things even more so I’ll just leave things as they are.  I do have to say that I am a bit nervous about giving birth here though, only because my language skills are lacking and a woman REALLY needs to be able to communicate while delivering!! Hopefully my maternal instincts (and language skills) will kick in when needed the most. Let’s pray.

I had a girls only day with a friend yesterday. We spent the whole day together and it was wonderful. Being able to go to the shops of our choice and actually be able to look at items at our own pace…bliss. I really need to do things like that more often and I’m aware of the fact that I keep saying that to myself… On the house front, we’re still looking but we’re excited about the fact that we’ll view two tomorrow. Both are rather large and both have a large garden but no grass. I know. Sounds weird right? They are both spanking new but why didn’t they bother to plant some grass? Whatever, just give me a house.

Love and light,



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