pétanque and happy 4th of july!!

July 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

bread everywhere...

le clafoutis

This past weekend was great yet I don’t have the pictures to prove it… Yesterday in itself, was a pretty full day as we started off at the beach at 09:30 (and it was ALREADY packed with families with small children!) and then we went out to one of the larger parks in the city to experience the World Championship of Pétanque!! Only in Marseille :) Here’s a video link from 2007 which, by the way, makes the park look empty compared with how it was yesterday. The park with jam-packed with people so I guess that you could say that it’s become an even more popular player and spectator sport today. Anyhow, Pierre and I agreed that it’s time to invest in the game ourselves so that we’ll be ready to play when friends visit. Oh, and we’re still looking for our new place – choices have been limited but I see the perfect house with a beautiful little garden in my mind every day.

Picture number two shows how we’ll be spending part of our July 4th celebrations today- by eating! I took the recipe out of a magazine and I’m hoping that Pierre and mr.T like it.

Love and light,



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