pirate party

June 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

guilty chocolate faces

let me take care of this myself


sitting tall

big kiss

We were invited to a pirate birthday party for one of Théo’s buddies today. He didn’t nap but he was in a great mood nonetheless and so we all really enjoyed ourselves (yeah, cranky kids can take the fun out of any party so we were lucky on that one…). Lately I keep hearing comments that I don’t look “big” for being five months pregnant and all I can say is, “Does that mean we’re having a girl?” Who knows, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my gynecologist will have some answers for me the next time that I see her…grrrrrrr!!!!

Alrighty mates, have a lovely Sunday evening!

Love and light,


p.s. Mr.T is NOT sunburnt!!! He always gets totally flushed (and I mean hot pink) when he’s hot and I find it REALLY annoying that people think that I’d let my child get burned like that- just sayin’!! His face got back to normal as soon as we arrived back home in the comfort of our air conditioner :)


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