on an island without a camera

June 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

vieux port

good stuff for fish soup

Today we took the short walk from our place to Vieux Port to catch a ferry over to Ile de Ratonneau to spend the day at the beach. I took a lot of pictures before boarding the boat only to find that they turned out to be useless due to smudgy finger marks on my camera lens… ANNOYING. To top it off I left my new batteries at home and the camera went dead about 5 minutes after boarding. So much for picture-taking…. The island was gorgeous, the water at the beach was so clear, the rocks made for an amazing backdrop and I was thoroughly upset with myself for not being able to use my camera. Oh well, next time.

The good news, however, is that we made use of the fancy new kid-carrier that we bought for Théo. Poor Pierre grew tired from carrying him on his back but it turned out to be a really convenient way to move over rough terrain. On the baby front: He/She’s moving so much now! Yesterday I was actually able to SEE a part of his/her body (which part, I have no clue) move in the vicinity of my bellybutton. That only happened with Théo while I was further along in my pregnancy.

Love and light,



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