soccer games and suitcases

May 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

We went to see a soccer game yesterday afternoon and it is surprising how I’m still amazed at living in sight of mountains. It’s just not something that I’m really used to so my eyes can’t help but divert towards them everywhere we go.

This morning was spent packing and I’m happy to say that mr.T and I will be posting from another location for a few weeks. As for this afternoon, we’ll probably go to the beach as the weather is gorgeous (as usual- I can’t say enough about the weather here). I’m also including some pictures of a family day trip that we took to La Ciotat and another little village close by. Remember, we’re on the lookout for a new place so we’re scouting the areas around us.

Love and light,


the port of marseille vs the port of le havre - we lost... mountains in the background

marker face (again) had a great time watching our team's COACH yell and not the game...

I went to get my hair cut on Saturday morning and came back to this...




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