great news for immigration and life

May 9, 2011 § 5 Comments

I’ve got two pieces of news today! First I’ll start with the “little” one – We went to the immigration office today and came back with my temporary visa!! Hip hip hooray!!! It took one hour in total, from standing in a long line outside, to getting a ticket, waiting 45 minutes for our number to be called and then the 5 minutes that it took to hand in our stamps (over 300 Euros worth!!!), sign a paper and get my card. Anyhow, we’re very relieved that we have one more thing that we can cross off of our to-do-list since arriving here.

The next step will involve getting my social security number and health situation under control. After that I’ll probably get my name properly changed since people never know which name to address me by. Some documents have Pierre’s last name, some just have my last name, some have both (which I’d rather)’s a mess.

Now for the important piece of news! I’m pregnant!!! We also took a trip to see my gynecologist today to do another ultrasound check on the baby’s progress and everything looks great. He or she was moving around and growing at the right pace. Of course I can’t express enough how happy we all are that our little family is growing. I can only thank God for all of His blessing and say that I am amazed by them every single day. Every.Day.

Feeling great (thank goodness I’m almost morning-sickness-free!!!)!!!

Love and light,


outside the immigration office, once the line has disappeared

proud new visa holder


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