under water

May 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

Mr.T and I went to the beach with his good friend, the other mr.t, and his mom (my friend). We took the metro, made a change, then took a short bus ride (actually all of the rides were short, like 2-5 minutes short) to the closest beach. The wind was going like you wouldn’t believe but the sun was out and the day was gorgeous. I had packed a picnic and anticipated a great start to our outing when Mr.T unexpectedly walked away, took a faulty step and ended up under water. It all took about 5 seconds but I saw him go under in slow motion and of course I was terrified (on the inside) and felt like the world’s most irresponsible mother.

I managed to grab his arm and pull him back up and was surprised to see that he was totally fine. He didn’t display an ounce of fear and he wasn’t coughing or spitting up. In fact, he basically ended up with a smile on his face after the initial shock of going under, which was then followed by being extremely cold (remember that wind?). Perhaps his swimming lessons are paying off?

Later on our husbands arrived and we then moved to the park (also on location) and then to a restaurant to have a drink. The boys had a blast and of course it was great to be out like that – fresh air really does do the body good.

Love and light,


two thumbs up

rocks for you, rocks for me, rocks for your mama...

hmmm, who's behind that lens

mr.t makes his mama play with rocks too

running down hills with papa

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