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April 12, 2011 § 1 Comment

I haven’t been a good blogger lately…but I’ve got my reasons… I’m including a few pictures of some of the things that we’ve been up to. As it so happens, I keep forgetting to take our camera with us when we do fun things…perhaps it doesn’t help that our camera is so big. Hmmm.

Love and light,


Mr.T's friend Louanne picked out a pair of booties for him to wear...he ended up switching them out with something more "manly" though (chickens of course). FYI she's the one wearing soccer booties ;)

we visited a nice new park with some friends last week


these two were so cute together



I'm not proud of this, AT ALL, but we had no choice. He only had the fries though and thank goodness for the juice and yogurt!

the carnival here in marseille this past weekend


mr.T's friend was dressed as a pirate!

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  • Denice says:

    Its about time! Jeez!! Listen if the worst thing you do is feed him some Mickey D’s every once and a while, so be it! It happens… :) So you make it up in his next few meals with tons of fruits and veggies! :)

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