move please, shhhh!!

March 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Théo is growing up. Two days ago, while at the park, he kindly asked a little boy to “move please!” because he was blocking his access to the slide. Although he kindly asked the boy to “move please” several times he might as well have been speaking in tongues…the boy didn’t understand English of course… and today, while watching a little girl cry (at a new park that we’ve been frequenting) he kindly put his little finger over his nose (he doesn’t get that it has to go in front of his mouth…) and told her to “shhhh!!”. I don’t think that she appreciated that, and for some reason I don’t think that he’ll make more friends that way ;)

We spent a large part of our afternoon cleaning our balcony today by sweeping, mopping, collecting leaves and tidying up a bit. He even got to wear his Wellington boots and we all know that any kind of job that requires Wellingtons is a fun job!

So Théo is 21 months and that means that he’s ever so close to becoming a two-year-old. Just knowing that made me cry today. My baby is going to turn two. I’ve know this little person for two years and it feels like it’s flown by in a matter of weeks. I remember the time that we took him home from the hospital. He’s the only baby that I know of that stayed awake and fully alert for the whole ride home. I remember looking at him in awe as he looked around in awe at all of the images (building, people, etc.) that we passed  by in our car. I also remember getting home and being so aware of the fact that Pierre and I had a five day old baby to take care of ON OUR OWN!! And now that five day old baby is soon to be a two year old. I couldn’t help but cry as I held his tiny little hand tonight, my precious boy.

You are an incredible child Théo. You are so easy going and happy that you make the hard job of parenting a joy – it’s still hard, but you certainly make it seem easy. I love you my Théo!!

Love and light,


cleanup time!


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