expanding his brio train set

March 16, 2011 § 1 Comment

We’ve been experiencing rainy weather for the last few days… Since moving here last August we’ve all become used to blue skies and sunshine and so now, when rainy weather hits, it comes as a sad surprise.  This had led to Mr.T and I having a bit of cabin fever. So although we were at the park on Monday morning (despite the fact that I was feeling under the weather myself), staying indoors all day on Tuesday (even though our spirits were brightened by inviting a friend over for lunch) seemed to make us both go a bit mental. Mr. T was climbing on furniture like the star monkey at the city zoo. It was scary.

This morning we were supposed to have a play date at our place with some other friends but they canceled which led to me telling Théo that we were going out, rainy weather or not, we were stepping out of the house. We went to the toy store. I ended up getting him some finger paints and two new items for his Brio train set (the set originally belonged to my sister) and OMG were they a hit. I put a battery in the train that I got him, attached the two pieces that make it possible to have more than one circuit and then I lost my son for a few hours. I had to stay by his side only because he insisted that I connect the trains, but after a while even that help wasn’t asked of me anymore. I literally had to pry him away from this train set in order to do some finger painting!

Let’s just put it this way, we had a hard time putting him to bed – he was so pumped up.

Love and light,


putting the tracks back in place

the new generation in the front, the old in the back

this train business is serious

and they're off

putting them together

I see you

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