he’s swimming again

March 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

My little boy has taken up swimming lessons again. He used to take them in Sweden, as just a wee little thing, but now that he’s getting bigger we thought that he might enjoy it even more. Is he enjoying himself? Well, maybe, but maybe not so much either. I mean, he doesn’t ask to get out of the water but he doesn’t look too thrilled about it either. Just have a look at the pictures and see for yourself. Oh, he did manage one little smile at the very end though and I was happy to have caught it on camera.

Love and light,


p.s. Théo’s swimming lessons are held in a spa facility that is placed right on the rocky coast, just meters from the sea. His pool is even filled with sea water and the views from his pool are to die for. What a lucky boy, we feel very blessed.

holding on TIGHTLY to his papa

this is the look, it didn't change much throughout the lesson

his papa trying to entice him with a toy

By the way, the teacher made me write his name on his cap…it’s not my fault! :)

floating on his back is when he's most relaxed

more toys, I like!

his one and only smile during class


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