a cleaner city in aix

February 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Mr. T got sick again. Boo!!!! We had a doctor’s appointment already scheduled for this past Friday though, so it worked out pretty well. The good news is that he’s getting better and he hasn’t had a fever since Friday morning. The bad news is that he’s behind on his vaccination shots because the French give more shots than the Swedes do.

We went back to Aix-en-Provence yesterday, but this time we actually went to the city. The day was cloudy but the city was still beautiful. Yet there was something about the vibe that I didn’t quite like. Even Pierre noticed how the people there look you up and down, scrutinizing every bit of your attire, I don’t like that. I must say, however, that I understand why people say that Marseille is so unlike an average French city – the clean streets, the bigger sidewalks, the clean buildings…you won’t find too much of that in Marseille. But you will find beautiful beaches, gorgeous calanques and a wonderful mountain backdrop to feast your eyes on. Seriously, I am really into this city. For all its dirtiness, it’s just gorgeous.

So the trophy for natural physical beauty goes to Marseille and the one for great shopping and a gorgeous all-around city goes to Aix.

One more thing, Mr.T went to his first soccer game today with his papa! He actually went out with Pierre two times today (trust me, I needed the break), once to the park and then again in the afternoon to the game. You should have seen how proud he was saying goodbye to me. When I asked him to give me a goodbye kiss he did and then he pointed to Pierre (like it was his turn!). So sweet.

remember, it was cloudy so I took very few pictures…


couldn't help but get a shot of the goat

check out the building on the right side of the church

these type of doors just take me straight back in time

this street reminds me of marseille

gorgeous church that was falling apart

the 4 dolphins fountain with traces of green spray paint

you won't find signs saying "bicycles only" in marseille




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