théo’s buddy’s birthday

February 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

We went to Galeries Lafayette yesterday and allowed Théo to walk around the shops a little. He headed straight out of Galeries Lafayette and ran (RAN) to the section of the mall that has all of the kiddy rides. How does he remember these things? The whole time that he was running there he was pointing in the direction of the rides (which weren’t visible the whole time) and laughing. His memory is already better than mine.  After two rides in his favorite car he showed me the slot where I should add more coins. When I told him that I didn’t have any coins left he proceeded to stare at the “start” button and whimper (yes, he actually did this) like a puppy. When I bent down to console him he gave me the saddest look.


why don't you just start already?

so sad

Mr.T’s friend, the other Mr.T, had his birthday celebration today. His mom made his guests funny masks to wear and there were lots of yummy cakes to eat. He even got a champagne toast in his honor, what a lucky boy!

mr.T and friends



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