an art and cooking class for the very small

January 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

This boy better not say that he’s bored because we’re all over the place. On average, we go out twice a day. That means a lot of walking on my part, which is fine because I’ve been eating a lot of French treats lately like pastry, wine, cheese and bread. Yummy stuff but oh so fattening, so walking an hour or more a day is necessary.

One question: When do people stop (if ever, but I have a feeling that they do…) loving their children more and more each day? It’s just that I think that I love Mr.T and then, all of a sudden, I know that I love him even more the next day. It’s crazy how so much love can grow to become even more love. How can that be? And why does it stop? Because it has to stop? Because it’s not healthy to allow it to grow at such an intense rate perhaps? All things in moderation? Perhaps.

Today I took Mr.T to his first art and cooking class. What an awesome class. It started with some singing, the  reading of a picture book about faces,  arranging a puzzle of their own faces in the right order and then they made funny faces by mixing parts of everyone’s faces together. Their art session then ended by having them paint large posters of their faces a la Andy Warhol.  This was followed by a cookie baking session and tea time. We both had a great time.

I gave Théo a haircut yesterday, shorter on the sides and longer on top. My little boy.

Love and light.



happily waking up after nap time




yellow paint on his cheek




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