January 22, 2011 § 4 Comments

Lightning McQueen has reached our home. My brother gave Théo the Cars movie, a set of three cars and the matching pajamas when we went to visit him for the new year. Tonight, Théo asked me to put on those specific pajamas – not the ones that I had waiting in the wings. He put that little red shirt up to his chest so proudly. It was such a cute and sweet moment.

We’ve been having a lot of those kind of sweet moments lately and I think that it’s due to the fact that he’s communicating, in words, more and more. He says things and he actually means them. Incredible. Last week, while I was waiting for the running tap water to warm up a bit in the sink (before washing him after a diaper change) he proceeded to tell me, “It’s hot. It’s hot” My heart melted. “OK baby, I’ll make it a bit cooler.” I love those moments! Or like how he started saying “I wuv you.” I could die when he says that. But mostly, the excitement that I feel comes when he’s in the middle of telling me something and I finally get it. “Ohhhhhh, birrrrrd, that’s what you’re saying!!” I say as I see one flying by.


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