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January 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve been thinking about the fact that I haven’t written much about Mr.T’s progress lately and it occurred to me that I need to before I regret it later (in a few years or so).  Two things come to mind when I think of my boy and those things are 1. language skills and 2. the way in which he uses his body.

While we were in Miami I was amazed at how quickly he was able to copy and actually use (properly!) words in Spanish. My aunt and uncle’s household speaks Spanish first, unless it’s just the cousins (second generation) speaking amongst themselves (and even then we throw in Spanish or Spanglish). I began to wonder how good his English skills would have been at this point in his life if he had more exposure to it. My guess is, a lot.

It’s OK though because, as I’ve witnessed and read about, children that are exposed to several languages at a young age my delay in their language skills a bit before acquiring a lot more language benefits (and by benefits I mean the ability to communicate in more than one language and all that that entails because it does entail a lot ) in the long run.

As far as English goes though he is saying new things everyday, picking up words and phrases, pointing things out in real life and in books. In short, he’s blossoming and I’m so happy with my garden!

Now when it comes to Mr.T’s body, I also have to say that he’s been doing new things. Not like climbing on tables and chairs or balancing on his rocking moose (which he’s been doing for quite some time now), but other things like:

1. How he uses his left hand to eat with now. He’s a righty but he’s been using his left hand more and more (he even uses his right hand to help maneuver his left hand and gets very upset when things go wrong- like when he can’t keep his rice on his spoon).

2. He makes funny facial expressions to show that he’s angry, sad, shy, etc. Sometimes I find him imitating EXACTLY the facial expression that I’m giving him. It makes me laugh, especially when I’m in the middle of getting annoyed with him and I’ve got a look of frustration on my face.

3. The way he uses his hands to show that he’s confused by something or that he’s asking a question (or both). For example, he might say something to me, point in a certain direction and then turn his little palm up and then out, away from his body. He’s like a little old man!

I think that what I like most about my boy’s current stage is the fact that he’s our own in-house comedian. He makes Pierre and I laugh all the time. And just like magic and when I’m the most frustrated he can do something so unexpected that it makes me burst out loud. Life is good.

Love and light,



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