back to normal (normal is good)

January 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve never – ever – been so jet lagged in my entire life! I still can’t believe that it has lasted so long but I’m thankful that it’s on its way out.

This past week was spent readjusting to the time difference, organizing our home, meeting friends and going to the park.  This weekend was spent at Pharo on Friday with our friends Aurelie and her son (the other Mr. T) and today we ended up going to Théo’s music class and then to the beach.  We brought Mr. T’s truck and he had a great time riding and pushing it around.  Can I just add that it also tired him out? Which is great because he literally just passed out at bedtime ;)

For anyone interested – my parents are doing fabulous in Spain. I haven’t heard them this happy in years. I’m so happy for them – retiring is a huge thing and it’s so nice that they are now able to sit back and enjoy life. (Plus, we can’t wait to go and visit them, their place is supposed to be killer!!)

Love and light,


pretty Aurelie is standing in the back and Théo is probably looking at his buddy

Mr. T loves his buddy, the other Mr. T

riding past the skate park while at the beach

pushing along beside his papa

the trees are still lit up at a square close to our place


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