a warm winter day

December 17, 2010 § 1 Comment

This weather is killer! It cannot be beat! It was a bit cool when we first arrived but it’s been steadily warming up to the point that we can now hang out in shorts if we so choose.

Yesterday we took the boys out for a bike ride. You should have seen Mr.T go as fast as Speed Racer himself on his little motorcycle. I don’t know where that kid gets his energy from, it’s a mystery. He’s even a bit on the sick side as he’s got a slight cough and runny nose but he cannot be stopped.

Last night was Chili’s night – I don’t know how I used to drink their cocktails with such vigor before – now I can hardly finish one drink and I find them to be very strong…what’s wrong with me??? (Please don’t answer that question!)

Love and light,


let's get this show on the road my brotha!

I dig the weather and the view

hurry up, I'm waiting

as seen on the sidewalk

I can't be stopped

Friday morning was spent on a swing. They don’t have swing sets at the parks in Marseille so this was a real treat for Mr. T.

flying high

it's warm out


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