special milk in the panier

December 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

Théo and I spent our morning shopping and taking a quick walk through the Panier with a friend.  It’s a part of town that houses a lot of ateliers and is known for is slopping streets (which make people describe it as resembling Montmartre). It also has quite a reputation – and not a very good one from what I hear. Which strikes me as weird since I couldn’t help but think (both times that I went there) that it was so quite and peaceful compared to the center of town…

I guess it’s just a matter of people exaggerating and/or not having the guts to go and find out for themselves. Why are people so damn fearful of the unknown? It’s just like when I used to live in Fort Lauderdale – I had a number of friends that wouldn’t dare venture down to Miami because they were scared of what they might encounter. What a loss!! Miami is so alive, full of culture (what about that awesome Opera house??), things to do, different types of food to taste, cool people to meet or just watch (I love people watching).


By the way, I ended up buying a “special” bar of soap today. I have never spent so much money on a bar of soap as I have today but I asked the lady behind the counter for the kind of soap that I could wash my hands with all day long without losing any more skin (seriously, between changing diapers and preparing Théo’s food I feel like I wash my hands all-the-time!) and she said, “Yes, we have some made from donkey’s milk.” Silence.

“I’m sorry. (Silence) Did you just say, donkey’s milk?”

Yeah, in fact, she did say donkey’s milk and I can’t stop saying it myself. Donkey’s milk, donkey’s milk, donkey’s milk. Before today it never even occurred to me that donkeys lactate. But they do! And now I have a bar of soap (that actually does keep my skin soft…) made out of the stuff. AND, no joke, the name of the company that makes the soap is called Asinus… I’m sorry, I just had to mention that.

Love and light,


a surprisingly great bar of soap

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