snoopy’s old, am I old too?

December 4, 2010 § 2 Comments

I just found out that my very own Snoopy doll, the one that I passed on to Théo, is now considered vintage. Vintage is now, and forever more, a very, very scary word.

But still, doesn’t that dog put a smile on your face? I can’t help but think of my childhood when I see him. I can’t help but get images of myself playing with my toys, making up different scenarios that my stuffed animals could find themselves in and picture myself wearing my Winnie the Pooh Wellington’s. Wasn’t that just yesterday?

Today Théo impressed Pierre and I by doing several things but I’ll just mention one. He put one of his favorite puppets (which happens to be a chicken) on his hand, made him quack, dance around and then give his other puppet a kiss.  It proved to us that this little human understands that his puppet has a personality that needs to be brought to life by another human. These kind of things amaze me. He’s seventeen months old and he can already understand so many heavy concepts. I’m in awe of the human brain.

Now to close out the evening- please read the following and don’t you dare tell me that you don’t find it funny.


§ 2 Responses to snoopy’s old, am I old too?

  • Denice says:

    Love this blog…Kudos to you keeping your Snoopy. I gave away all my toys from my childhood and have nothing to give my kids now. Stinks…you dont think of stuff like that when you are younger but now it would be nice to have.

    • You know what? It’s a miracle that I still have Snoopy with the amount of times that my family has moved and the fact that my father LOVES getting rid of things (that don’t belong to him, mind you!! Sorry Papi, but it’s true!). You’re right though, it’s nice to have something from your own childhood and I’m making a mental note of what I’d like to keep for Théo and any future babies. Thinking of you – and I can’t wait to see you!!!! xoxo!!!!

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