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December 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

weekly wrap-u

Théo and I were home alone for most of the week since Pierre was away presenting his work in different locations.  The week went by rather quickly anyway though and I’m glad that I had the extra patience that it took to handle my boy 24 hours a day. Single parents deserve a monetary reward for their work.

This week was spent visiting friends, going to the park and getting my Christmas shopping underway. Théo and I will be leaving for Florida in about a minute from now and so I want to buy my nieces and nephews something from France.

I was also able to finish writing a short article about my mother’s work and life experience at the university that she currently works for. It’s always nice to have writing projects like that – they allow me to revisit old times with a new frame of mind. I was a teenager when I watched her work – those years seem so far away.  I like the fact that my own life experiences allow me to regularly update myself. I hate when people expect me to be the person that they met when they were (for example) in high school. I feel that a person’s essence is always there but that the details are what make a person. I hope that my details forever change.

Speaking of old friends, I’ve recently reconnected with some old buddies of mine from Malaysia. Although we all haven’t had the time to have a decent conversation yet I’m glad that we touched base again. There’s something about childhood friends- knowing that someone knew you when you were so young, naive and silly. It’s sweet.

Love and light,


p.s. The tin that I picked up as gifts for Théo and his cousin Daniel were just too cute to not buy.  They remind me of the tin lunch boxes that I brought with me to elementary school before the plastic ones took over. Boo to plastic in the canteen!


the adventures of Tintin




I wish I were a lunchbox





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