mommy vs daycare

December 2, 2010 § 2 Comments

It’s funny how being a mom is considered such a great thing by many but that, at the same time, people are always trying to get you to “do” something else. What I mean is that I often find that people ask me if I don’t feel like going back to work, or why I don’t just put Théo in a daycare since “it’s good for him”.

Most people mean well in their comments but it still annoys me. I am a fulltime mother because I actually want to be one. I always knew that I’d want to have the luxury (because it is a luxury) to be my child’s teacher and nurturer during those first few crucial years. I knew that I wanted to be the one to decide what he eats everyday and make sure that he was exposed to books, music, numbers, painting, etc. from an early age. Not to say that daycares don’t do that of course (because there are some great daycares out there) but I wanted to give my child the full support that he or she would need myself.

Being a teacher before becoming a mother has made me feel more confident about the way that I’ve been raising my son. Every day is a lesson, for both of us, but it’s one that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Even when it’s half past eight and I feel like it’s four o’clock in the morning.

I love that I’m there for Théo, I love that I get to be his teacher. I love that I don’t have to drop him off  somewhere for eight hours a day. I love my new job. Because as much as we love our children, raising them is a job. A huge job. A very tiring job. So no, I don’t sit on my butt all day long and eat bonbons while Théo sleeps in his crib. Yeah right! No, I’m there as his fulltime teacher, nurturer, cook, housemaid, chauffeur and entertainer. I do it all, I feel that I do it well and I’m not going anywhere. Not for a good while.

So while some moms feel the need to go back to work (which is their God-given right!!) I don’t. I strongly feel that as modern women, moms today have the right to make up their own minds. If they want to go to work good. If they want to stay home, there should be some sort of support system in place for them so that they can do that. Just the thought of all of those mothers out there that go back to work with broken hearts because of having to leave their child in someone else’s care makes me angry. Angry that this world isn’t better than that. Angry that a country like the United States isn’t better than that. It’s crap the way that our families are put so low on our country’s list of priorities. It should be that a family should get to decide to do whatever works for them. In any case, in my case, staying by my son’s side is not only what I’ve decided to do, but it’s also what works for me.

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