tete de cerf = deer head

November 24, 2010 § 4 Comments

So I’ve got a new project going on which is to make a deer (well, just the head) out of a piece of cardboard. I saw the project in my new Marie Claire Idées magazine and went berserk (in a good way). I grabbed a box and got to work and after two days I’ve come up with something that resembles a cow. Great, who wants that on their wall? Cows are lovely of course but I’d rather have a deer up – it’s just too savage to think of a cow…I don’t want to look at what I eat in that way…  So now I’ll have a project that will last a little longer, which is good because Théo has been sick and in a very grumpy mood. Nothing is right, nothing tastes good and no games are fun to play anymore. I’ve heard that it’s a phase but I’d rather not believe that he is going through his “terrible twos” because 1. he’s not two yet and 2. I don’t want to automatically assume that he is going to be a brat (no matter how short of a period it may be).

I’d better get back to my cow now, I mean my deer.

Love and light,



my project begins with a ruler, pencil, eraser and a long piece of cardboard

my objective is to make this

so i freehand the image that's in the mag

then painstakingly cut around the shape I've created

until I have the full deer shape in my hands

after using a dictionary and lots of patience to bend the cardboard as best as I could, I got this COW




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