a family visit

November 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

We had family visiting us for a week, that’s why I’ve been absent :) Pierre’s parents came to see us and it literally took Théo seconds to warm up to them. Which is quite incredible really, considering how cautious he can be – but, perhaps he is just able to really pick up on people’s vibes and know when someone truly loves him. That’s what I think anyway.

Pierre came back from his trip to Paris tonight. Théo and I are happy to have him home with us and it brought tears to my eyes yesterday when Théo called out to his Papa because he thought that he heard him in the corridor…I all of a sudden thought about all of the young kids that lose their mother or father and what a painful experience it must be to be for the parent left behind – having to explain things to your children, or (perhaps even more of a challenge) looking at your young child and knowing that you simply cannot explain why papa won’t be coming home anymore because they are not old enough to understand.

I don’t know where all of this is coming from but, like I said, it just all of a sudden hit me. I suppose that being a parent has made me more sympathetic and vulnerable – both of which are good things in their own way.

I’d just like to end by saying that Théo, Pierre and I are truly blessed to have family that loves us. We’re thankful that Mamou and Pepe took a long journey to come to see us and spend quality time with their youngest grandson. We love you!

Love and light,



I know that you love me :)

celebrating his 17th month anniversary! thank u for my cake pepe!

talking to abuela via skype

taking a train ride through marseille

with pepe :)

pierre, trying to find the plus belle la vie store for me!

I found a tiny japanese restaurant

adorable entrance



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