weekend getaway

November 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

France is on vacation and so we decided to take advantage of our time together by heading to the region of Léberon.  We stayed in Apt but visited a lot of villages and towns in the area. Gordes was absolutely gorgeous! Not even the horrible weather could take away from this breathtaking place (which is FULL of spas I might add!!) with it’s beautiful stones houses perched all together overlooking farmland…it just made my stomach flip with awe.

We also visited the Palace of the Popes in Avignon. It is crazy to think that a human could hold so much power, especially when mixed with religion – that’s all that I could think of the whole time that I was there. One good thing about the palace was that they let us borrow a carrier for Théo. He screamed like a wild animal when we first put him in and it took a few more tries and cookies before he finally settled down.

Roussillon, known for it orange-red houses, was also a treat as it was full of galleries and small shops that sold luxurious food items, wines and ceramic ware. All in all we had a great time and we even took a dip (all three of us) in our hotel’s jacuzzi this morning, which Théo loved. He was so happy and relaxed that I thought he might just doze off!

Being able to travel to places that are so close to Marseille and that have so much to offer in terms of culture and beauty is just one more reason why we love living here.

Love and light,


without bath toys we had to get creative!

my boy AND a carrier!!! way too heavy!!

palace of the popes



jaw dropping Gordes


vineyards everywhere



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