a hairy monk and a dead bird

October 29, 2010 § Leave a comment

I decided to cut Théo’s hair today. I actually started yesterday (I know… since when is it ok to start cutting hair, stop, wait a day or two, and then continue???) and messed up a bit, which led me to stop completely. My mistake, however, led Pierre to call our son a monk and that made me a wee bit concerned. I don’t want Théo to look like a monk.

So today, via Skype with my mother, I gave my boy the second haircut of his life. The final product turned out ok, not great, but not monk-like either so I’m happy.

Now here’s a little story about a birdie:

While opening Théo’s bedroom door I once again noticed a paint smudge. No big deal, but this time I noticed that it looked like a bird. Call me weird but I love looking at things and seeing something entirely different. I’m a bit obsessed with it to tell you the truth. I even started taking pictures that I won’t dare share. Anyhow, after changing him I went to go and pull down his shades when I noticed a small dead bird lying on his windowsill.

The bird was so tiny and sweet and I felt so bad for the poor thing that I decided to take a closer look. Which lead to picture taking. So now I’ve done something rather “dark” and taken pictures of a poor, sweet, dead bird. Maybe it’s Halloween getting to me but I find it bizzare that I noticed the “bird” paint smudge and then found a dead bird two seconds later….Long live Halloween!!!

Love and “darkness” (followed by a scary “hahaha!!!”),


the final product

the bird perched next to Théo's artwork

the bird

the real bird

budding chef

what can I whip you up??


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