a quiet day

October 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

Théo and I had a pretty quiet day today. He wasn’t in a good mood for the first part of the day…he complained a lot and wanted to be carried. He’s getting quite heavy too so my back is starting to bother me a bit. I did manage to take some photos of him though and that was right after he stopped crying for some reason or other. He’s not one to cry but boy, when he decides to it isn’t easy on my ears…

The cat and fox that Théo is showing you in the pictures are some easy origami figures that I made. I got the link to an origami website  from the brinja website that I have posted on my blogroll. They were super easy to make and I could imagine that older kids would have fun making them and using them to play with, in art work or to give away as cards.

Good news on the garbage front – they are going to start cleaning up the mess!!! Thank goodness for that! Now if we could only get people to start picking up their dog’s poo in this city…Come on people!!!! It’s not cool to leave that stuff behind!!! The sidewalks are only so big!!

Sending a shout out to all of my buddies. I miss my friends!! I’d love to have a huge party (like our wedding, which was SO much fun) and invite my friends from around the globe…would you come?

Love and light,



hey there foxy

hmmm, do you bite?

resting on mama's shoulder


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