up in smoke

October 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

Someone lit the garbage containers (that are right across from our building) last night. I was awoken by a loud “popping” noise at 01:00 and instantly noticed the smell of smoke. When I looked outside I saw that the garbage containers were ablaze right in front of our neighbor’s only entrance/exit. They couldn’t have opened their windows or door if they had wanted to – very dangerous indeed.  Right next to the fire were some teenagers taking pictures of it like it was a fireworks display for New Years…nice.

Pierre spent some time on hold while trying to get in touch with the police and when he finally got through to them they told him that they already knew about the situation. Apparently there were over 70 cases of garbage containers being lit on fire last night. Someone had a busy evening. Anyhow, once the firemen appeared they were able to quickly put out the fires and the teenagers were covered in heavy waves of smoke – hehe – nooooooo, that’s not funny.

We were invited to two separate events this weekend. One was a house-warming for a friend that I met at the park. They have an apartment on a very high hill (killer while pushing a stroller) and they have views of both Vieux Port and Nortre Dame de la Garde. The city looks great lit up at night and the church looks beautiful…I could move in tomorrow. The other invitation that we had was to tea at another friend’s place. They made chocolate cake, which we gobbled up, and then played Legos with the kids.

Here’s a picture of Théo eating his first ice cream which he had while we were staying at Erik and Alejandra’s place before moving to France. We miss them very much.

Love and light,


eating a "spookis" ice cream


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