nothing’s coming up roses

October 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

I know that I mentioned that the strikes here in France weren’t all that bad, at least not as bad at the media makes it out to be. That kind of turned around today – this morning’s walk was disgusting.  I didn’t mind having to dodge garbage in the beginning but today the piles of garbage seemed massive, not to mention incredibly smelly. AND, most of the containers were only half their size since people had lit them on fire. So not only do we have piles of garbage but we have burnt garbage containers and tons of garbage on the sidewalks due to the wind. That’s why I was happy to see that the army had intervened and starting cleaning up some of the mess. They actually just disposed of the garbage around the garbage containers though…yeah, I know, why didn’t they empty the containers right? Oh well, whatever, I’ll take what I can get.


men in white

look at the garbage, and that's LONG AFTER they started cleaning up

taken on Sept. 29th, he loves putting on papa's sneakers




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