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October 21, 2010 § 2 Comments

Théo and I have been very busy lately – busy being social butterflies! I’ve met some women at the park and so we’ve been to tea times, play dates and such, which has kept us on the move.  I actually even went to a tea/information gathering held by a woman that lives on the same street as I do.  She lives in one of those apartments that goes on and on forever (love those apartments!) and there must have been at least 60 women there – the majority of who were new to Marseille. This lady, along with her friends, provides loads of information about doctors, clubs, entertainment, etc and helps new people to meet other new people (and settled people) so that they can start to network a bit.

The pictures from this post are of the wonderful tent that my cousin Catie mailed to Théo after hearing that I was going to be getting rid of his cardboard house. We love the thing!! Pierre even naps in it! The other pictures are from our at-home art sessions. I’m getting Théo used to holding pens, drawing, glueing and recognizing different colors and shapes.  It’s a start!

France on strike: You might have heard about the “crippling” strikes in France. Don’t you just love how the media makes everything seem like the world is about to end? It’s really not that bad – even if the garbage is piling up. Seriously, it’s nowhere near how they describe it to be.

Love and light,



in théo's tent

working with different textures

this makes me happy

give me back that glue stick

here I go

maybe the cap works too...

yup, that looks good

check out my other artwork, nice huh?


§ 2 Responses to art at home

  • Denice says:

    Glad you have found some friends and are keeping busy! I was wondering where our posts were of that little CUTIE!

  • Hey hot mama!! I know!!! I sort of left the blog world for a bit there…but it was for a good reason :) How are things going with the business? Can I work for you? Seriously, I want a job where I can just do crafty things all day long. Does that kind of job exist? Do I have to be the one to start…I’m too lazy to start it myself… Love, Brownie

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