a spoon for the poison

September 30, 2010 § 5 Comments

the new man in my kitchen

I’ve had a bout of food poisoning…yeah, it’s as bad as it sounds. Just the word poison should be enough to let you know that I have not been having a good time. It’s a shame too since I was just about to write a post about how I love my new supermarket and the fact that I can order all of my groceries online… So I ordered shrimp. Really? Yeah, stupid, I know.

The good news is that I’m alive (and stronger…than before???) and that no one else got it. While I was home yesterday I was feeling such a need to do something crafty that I grabbed an old wooden spoon and used some inappropriate pens and markers to give it a “face.” I don’t remember where I saw the post that I became inspired by but the original artist is here.

Oh, and below you’ll find her spoons – sooooo much nicer than mine!!!! Will have to work on that!!!!

Love and light,



§ 5 Responses to a spoon for the poison

  • Hi Daniele, here is an interesting blog with some nice places to go in Marseille http://tetedalouette.canalblog.com/

  • I really like the fact that you share these blogs/websites with me!! Thank you for sharing :) Are you doing well? How are your boys?

  • Lisa says:

    Hi Danielle!
    It’s Lisa, Ana Christina’s sister-in-law =)
    Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog… hope you don’t mind, I hunted your blog down via Facebook!
    I love all the fun, interesting and productive (yay! these words can be in the same sentence!) things you do with Theo — great ideas to try out with our stinky one =)
    I’m commenting on this post because I LOVE these spoons.. I saw them too, somewhere.. on a blog… and loved them… why didn’t I think of just doing it myself? Yours looks great! I need to be more adventurous!! … uhh.. and artistic… mine will look ridiculously hilarious…. If/When I try it, I’ll let you know.
    So happy to become blogging buddies =)
    ps. having internet problems… if this posts a million times, sorry!

    • Hey Lisa!
      Of course I don’t mind that you tracked me down! I don’t have the link to my blog setup when I leave a comment on other people’s blogs- I’ve got to fix that but for the time being it seems a bit complicated. Isn’t it funny how small the blog world is when you are focused on something like motherhood or design? By the way, Pierre USED my spoon when cooking the other day so my little tuxedo man isn’t as nice as he used to be…
      Will check up on the stinkster soon!!!

  • Elisabeth says:

    Oh I thought I had comment this… Anyway I love your spoon Danielle :)!

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