a wonderful day in aix en provence

September 25, 2010 § 2 Comments

We went to visit a sweet French couple that used to work for the same university as Pierre did while we were in Sweden. In fact, we all even lived in the same apartment (although not at the same time of course) since Pierre took it over when they moved back to France. In any case we spent a great day at their “house” (that’s probably not the right word…) having lunch, talking, drinking tea and taking a walk around their property which includes vineyards, an olive tree grove, woods and a water basin that was large enough to fit a house in.

The photos that I took do the house no justice though and this really frustrates me as I really do want to be able to take decent pictures. It seems that I really either have to give up taking photos, learn to take proper ones, or stop complaining.

can you see the mountains in the distance?

the magnificent "house"

Théo wanted to go to the pool but it was too cold

this little guys loves pushing things around!

tea time

here he is again

with my back turned to the house

starting our walk towards the water basin

no smile from Théo today

here we are standing next to the bridge that connects the island in the center of the water basin to the rest of the world :)


§ 2 Responses to a wonderful day in aix en provence

  • Tony Mac says:

    Hi Danni! It’s Tony Macatol from the recently ever-so-grey-clouded Connecticut. How are you? (ok, so I’ve read some.. of how u are..)

    Coincidentally.. one of my new good friend’s names in CT is Theo.. he’s a thespian and quite an entertainer! Maybe that’s what’s in store for your child!

    Anyway. Great writing! I like your style! Some of your writings had reminded me of recollections written by Anne Frank – which I feel she was quite an epic writer.

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