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September 21, 2010 § 2 Comments

So I don’t know what’s been going on lately but this boy of mine has had the girls flocking to him! Just yesterday, while at the park, he spent a few minutes watching a group of 7-year-old girls playing on the seesaw and then five minutes later, while playing on the slide, two of them came over and told me that I had a very “handsome” baby!!! I’m not making this stuff up!!

THEN, when he was going down the slide (and I was making my way back to him) I watched two girls (around 5 or 6 years old) caress his face and tell a parent there that “he speaks English”. Of course Théo (whose vocabulary is very limited) just stood there and stared at them. It was too cute for words. It didn’t stop there though, they came up to him again and caressed his face later too. Oh wait, I forgot to mention that one of the girls smelled her hand after touching his face and said, “Oh, his creme smells good!” What the heck does this kid have??

I haven’t posted about the time that he was kissed by an older girl at around 10 months (when we were at a restaurant) or about the times when he was kissed at the park here in France by other girls but with this last episode I thought – “Enough already, I’ve got to put this down in writing!”

So, I put it down in writing :) Have a great day, I’m going to go and check on my chick magnet now!

Love and light,


watch out for the quiet ones...


§ 2 Responses to chick magnet

  • Funny ! What an attractive boy ! When I go to school to pick up Adrien, young girls are around the “trolley” (poussette) to touch him and give him kisses but Big Brother Adrien is watching and tell them not to touch him and “wash their hands !”. In few years that will change…

  • Already?? That’s so funny! I find the whole thing so cute as I never expected the kids at the playground to be so sweet or affectionate. So Adrien is already the protective older brother huh? :) He must be so proud of his little brother.

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