parc du pharo and a little house

September 14, 2010 § 2 Comments

We went to visit Parc du Pharo et Jardin E. Duclaux this past weekend.  The weather was spectacular and the park was well kept, had a great playground for kids, the greenest grass I’ve seen for a long time and incredible views over our new city.  We took some pictures overlooking the old port (Vieux Port) and I must say that I keep having to remind myself that we actually live around such beautiful surroundings.

The other pictures are of Théo’s cardboard house. I made it out of two moving boxes and then we painted it together. Sadly though, I had to get rid of it since we all know that cardboard attracts bugs. I thought about covering it with that plastic wrapping that kids use to protect their books at school but that might have been going overboard… Does anyone know of any cute (yet small) houses that we could buy our baby boy?

Love and light,


boats sailing into vieux port

loving the view

théo with his papa

he spent most of his time on this boat

the house I made for him

he just sat "stuck" like this for a long pose perhaps?


§ 2 Responses to parc du pharo and a little house

  • Coucou Daniele, For your cardboard house, try to create a window on the roof so the bugs can’t be stuck in it anymore. Tell me if it worked. The other solution : Check this out : I think I will buy one for Clement next year. kisses. Muriel

    • Thanks Muriel! I saw one of those cardboard houses in one of my books about children’s rooms (I think that it was “children’s rooms Copenhagen” by Paumes) and I loved it. My problem is that I am not able to use cardboard at all :( I’ve been looking at teepees instead. I actually have a craft book that shows how to make one but…who has time for THAT?!! I’m going to check to see if you’ve posted more pictures of you boys now :) Kisses, Danielle

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