tiny sidewalks in marseille

September 9, 2010 § Leave a comment


The photo above was taken on our walk home from the park today. You’d agree with me when I say that the sidewalk is pretty tiny wouldn’t you?  You can see why a person would need a narrow stroller can’t you?

Today when walking to the park we passed a mother, grandmother and a kid (all walking together) and before we even got within 5 yards of the kid he had already put himself up against the  building that we were walking by (LIKE SPIDERMAN for goodness sakes!!!) so that we could pass him.  Then the mom and poor little grandmother did the same. Thank goodness that people are nice here!

Anyhow, if you think that the sidewalk above looks small (or tiny) than check out the next picture out. Those steps come right out into a walker’s path AND they’re only a few yards from our apartment’s entrance. That means that I have to do a two-wheeled manuever on Théo’s stroller to get by!!! TWO -WHEELS!! -yeah, and I haven’t even driven my car here yet…stay tuned!

the "holy" stairs- damn them!!


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