i need to learn french

August 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

It’s true, I need to learn French.  I’m now able to understand a lot more than I did before but that still doesn’t help me in the whole “needing to actually talk” section of person to person communication.

I almost bought a pair of sandals today but I swear that I didn’t only because I couldn’t speak to the sales clerk. It’s crazy how language is such a vital part of our everyday lives.  It’s crazy that  a woman can sound like a child when forced to express herself in terms and tenses that she knows very little about. Crazy, but true.

So I would have bought a pair of shoes had I been able to speak French because I would have told the sales clerk that I thought that the sandals were nice but a bit tight. Then he would’ve told me to get them anyhow because the leather would stretch a bit. Funny huh?

So this post is dedicated to  my niece (my favorite French teacher!)whose  patience and  guidance  allows me the confidence to speak without  feeling scared to make mistakes (which is now my new middle name: Danielle Mistakes Browne).

Love and light,


my niece and théo, driving to their grandparent's house


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