trip to marseilles

June 20, 2010 § Leave a comment

I finally made up my mind to take a trip out to Marseilles to go apartment hunting with Pierre but instead of leaving Théo behind we brought him along. Wow. Hard work.  The little guy was great, and very well-behaved but we both felt so bad that he had to spend a few days locked to his stroller as we jetted around the city by car and then foot.

The good part about the trip was that we were invited to stay at Pierre’s friends’ place and they have a four-year old boy so we not only had great hosts and a little buddy for Théo, but we also had a travel bed and high chair to use to our heart’s desire.

So what did I think? I was pretty freaked out the first day there. You would be too if you lived in Sweden and then went to a place like Marseilles. Yet, by day two, after checking out the city and its inhabitants a bit more, I was starting to feel more and more at home.  By the end of the trip I was sad to leave and happy to know that we would soon be returning.

What makes Marseilles different from Malmö? The people in Marseilles are very talkative, they smile at one another, they are very expressive and sometimes loud.  Marseilles is much larger than Malmö, has a lot of cool sites, great weather and that is something that I could get used to – fast. I could make a lot of comparisons but the two cities are just so different – from the people, to their driving styles, to their recycling styles – it’s all so different and different is not only exactly what I’m looking for but it’s also exactly what I need.

théo's first time on a plane


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