théo’s birthday

June 18, 2010 § 3 Comments

One year, is it really 365 days long? Really? Because that’s not what the past one felt like – it felt more like half that length and yet my little family and I still managed to do so much.

Théo’s birthday was kept small, very small, and was celebrated with a barbeque dinner, a mama-made carrot cake and some wine and beer.  Nothing outrageous, just a lot of wonderful vibes and lots of love because that’s what we filled the house up with.

If you’re wondering why I didn’t post more pictures it’s because my camera went blurry on me…yeah, way to go camera!!! Good job!! Not! Anyhow, I’m still in denial that my baby is 12 months old now but I I’m even more awed at how much he’s growing and learning everyday.  There’s always something new like the fact that he’s starting to add longer words to his songs (well, he doesn’t say the exact words of course but you can tell he’s trying) and even today he made our hearts melt when he found his father’s reflection in our glass cabinet in the hallway. Pierre was watching tv and I happened to be walking by Théo and saw him looking into the reflection and then looking back towards the kitchen to see if his father was there.  Then Pierre’s reflection waved to Théo and Théo waved back laughing then he turned towards the “real” Pierre and ran towards me a bit scared. Kids are awesome!

tia catie gave me my birthday shirt!

getting some help from my "big" friend Lukas

mama's face is weird here but tia looks beautiful

happy birthday to you!

i didn't want to eat my cake so vicente ate it for me after this picture was taken, no lie!!!

opening auntie denise & uncle neil's gifts the next morning

read my lips, i-don't-like-eating-cake!!!

playing with my truck the morning after my first year on earth

ok, time to go in now


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