more teeth and some drawing

June 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

Pierre finally came back from his trip to Shanghai. It feels like he’s been gone for months! So happy to have him home again!! During his time away little Théo and I have been keeping busy going to classes, meeting friends and hanging out with family. I’m going to include some pictures of our past week all in one post just to keep everything organized.

Oh, by the way, the baby has MORE teeth coming in, if you can believe that! He’s also taken to dancing (and dropping it low) when he hears music, clicking his tongue and just today, he drew his first picture. Eager to see what else he comes up with this week :)

this is how our morning started today

crying as he used markers for the first time because he's got a new tooth coming in

all is well again as he snacks after his drawing session

inspecting his own work

this is how i found him late this afternoon, a mother's dream

moms & kids bbq - hanging out with his best buddy

bubbles are awesome

everybody smile!!

our first family bbq with Théo - abuela and him playing in our yard

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