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May 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

an american in sweden

My baby is on the move, c-on-s-t-a-n-t-l-y.  He was a great cruiser for a long time and then he graduated to taking 2 steps at a time, and then four or five steps at a time.  Finally, during his May 4th gym session he was so taken by a certain little girl named Stella that he walked after her… the little guy is already chasing girls! The following day he visited two of his favorite buddies (Vicente and Lukas) and that’s when he started walking full-time.

There’s something else too – he already had his first kiss…I know, that sounds crazy right? Well, we were out to dinner with my parents and some close friends of ours and we happened to go to a place that attracts people with kids.  My mom was walking around with Théo and they happened to cross paths with a little girl who was around the age of three.  She went up to Théo and cooed as she stroked his face and then gave him a hug.  After that she placed her hands on his chubby cheeks and planted a kiss square on his lips that lasted for a few seconds!!! Too cute!

The picture above was taken while my mom was visiting Théo and I while Pierre was away in Albania. Right now my little angel is sleeping – he has a cold and so he’s more tired than usual.

Love and light – Danielle


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