gimme that darn cup already!!

May 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

We’ve all been sick, again!! That’s how it goes I guess.  Luckily for us we’ll have less cold and more heat in our lives in a few months and I can’t wait for that!  This week, despite his cold, Théo has been walking up a storm.  Just yesterday he started taking five or more steps on his own – before then it was only two or three.  Now he’s at the point where his fearlessness is scaring Pierre and I, there’s no holding this kid back!

He was also super cute during dinner last night as he (for the first time) grabbed his sippy cup (almost like he was tired of waiting to be asked if he was thirsty) and brought it to his lips himself. What a pro! Pierre and I were laughing at the funny scene and since then he’s been repeating it.

David, thank you so much for the cool Disney characters!! Love them! And the hat has been a small obsession with Théo as he constantly tries to place it on his head :)

love and light / Danielle

checkin' out my new stuff get...hat...on...head...

this picture's for tio Raul


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