legos & swim trunks

April 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

So we went to Lego Land in Billund, Denmark this past Easter break.  We went mostly to venture out a bit and since I’ve never been to Disney (after having lived in Florida!!!) we thought it would be nice to see what Lego Land was like.  Unfortunately our little Théo didn’t find it all too exciting. In fact, he seemed downright bored!! Better luck next time I guess.

Moving on to more exciting news – Théo went to his first swimming class today!! He was so cute in his little turquoise speedos!! Of course, that’s not his best color but he pulled it off with a big smile! You should have seen how big his little eyes got as we made our way into the warm water, pure fascination.

Later on, during the class, he was made to put his head under water.  It freaked me out a bit but he was OK with it.  At one point he was so relaxed that I thought he might fall asleep in the water. Although he stayed awake during his lesson he did manage to fall asleep WHILE eating dinner. That’s right, the baby fell asleep mid-chew. I actually caught his little head as it sank down to the table. You gotta love kids.

we've arrived

too short


lego train

Denmark in miniature

lego houses

the small details


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