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March 31, 2010 § 2 Comments



Another busy day today.  It started off with an early morning doctor’s appointment to get Théo and I tested for a certain bacteria that causes people to be resistant to antibiotics…My father has the bacteria in his system and his doctor told him that it comes from children so of course our little Théo is the first suspect…

We also had our house inspected today which meant that we had the potential buyers, our real estate agent and the actual inspector over.  All in all I believe that the whole thing went really well as there were no surprises, thank God for that.

At the moment I’m expecting a call back from a processing specialist over at Vital Statistics in Texas.  I ordered two certified copies  of my birth certificate a month ago and was just told yesterday that my request went unfound. Huh? – I just got off with the specialist, apparently someone didn’t put my information card back in the proper slot the last time that I ordered birth certificates.  Luckily this whole mess will be fixed by Friday – another  challenge dealt with with positive results!

Théo is doing great by the way.  He’s interacting with people more and more and it’s wonderful to see him blossom! Today’s pictures were taken while watching Sesame Street. God bless!


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  • Denice says:

    Ahh! The magic of Sesame Street. I know people say that TV for children is bad and I agree to a point. HOWEVER, my children have learned SOOO much from Sesame Street and the other educational shows I let them watch from time to time. Those cheeks are sooooooo cute! I want to pinch them! He is adorable. Enjoy him!

  • I totally agree with you, too much tv is NOT a good thing (for anyone at any age for that matter…). That’s why I love watching Sesame St on YouTube – I can pick out the exact clips that I want him to view and it doesn’t last for more than a few minutes.
    I do have to say though that I’ve now fallen in love with Kermit all over again!! Oh gosh and Grover!! He kills me! Love those puppets!! :)

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