March 25, 2010 § 1 Comment

what's this?

whatever, I'll take it.

you're blocking my sun!

oh my God, is the tv on?!

Our baby boy is really taking off with the word  yes.  I’ve heard him say it before but not like today, today was very different.  I’d ask him if he wanted to watch Sesame Street and he’d say “yeasshh” and go wild as I prepared my laptop for the show.  I repeated the same type of question with other things but the funniest (and to me, the most extraordinary) thing was that he’d automatically say “yeasshh” when he saw something that he wanted.  For example, when I was preparing to give him a bath he saw me take out his large red tub and he immediately started saying “yeasshh” over and over again. I’m blown away – OK, so he’s my kid but still, the little guy impressed me today.

He’s also staring to become more bold and so he’s now taking a few steps at a time before falling on his bum.  Not walking yet but pretty darn close. Love and light, Danielle


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