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February 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

It has occurred to me that I haven’t been doing a good job of posting when it comes to Théo’s development.  There have been many times when people have asked when he started to do something (such as crawl, cruise or eat solids) and I can never give them an exact date.  I guess that’s normal considering the amount of new things that infants learn around his age but still, I should be better.

My little baby and I went to Trianglen (a small mall) today.  I had to return an item that I purchased last week and so I decided to go to a particular shop to see if I could find some new pillow cases and pillows to “jazz up” our bedroom with.  We’ll have a visit from our real estate agent, along with some photographers, on Monday and the house has to look good enough to sell, sell, sell!

About Théo’s development – Pierre took apart Théo’s stroller today so that we could take off the piece that he’s been using (a piece that allows him to lie down) and replace it with a piece that has him both sitting and facing forward. I got a bit sad seeing his stroller being transformed but then I reminded myself that that’s what a healthy baby does – grows.

The funny part of the process came when we tested the seat out by placing Théo in it. He cried. He seemed to hate the seat since it wouldn’t allow him to sit completely upright but I suppose that he’ll get used to it with time. Now I have to buy him a see through rain guard as well as a sort of sleeping bag to keep him warm and toasty. My baby is growing.

Not only that but I started giving him tiny pieces of bread yesterday. He loves it but he still can’t seem to get them in his mouth on his own.  Mainly I just watch him smash the living daylights out of them with the palms of his hands. So that’s what finger food is.

hi mama!

good morning!!


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