it’s official, we’re moving!!

February 16, 2010 § 2 Comments

Finally!!!! Good God it’s been hard to keep this to ourselves but now we can speak about it freely. Drum roll please…we are moving to Marseilles, France!!!!! Yay!!!!!! Yippee!!!!! We are extremely excited of course! Just the thought of moving to such an incredible location is beyond our wildest dreams but here we are, getting ready to make the big move.

So, that adds a bit more items to our list of things to do. If you’ve been keeping up with us you’ll know that we are in the process of acquiring Théo’s passport, id cards, birth certificates, a marriage license for Pierre and I, planning a wedding and now all of the stuff that comes with moving to a new country like – selling the house, deciding what should be sold, taken, trashed, getting visas (just for me) oh Lord, the list goes on!

But who cares really? We are moving to Marseilles and if you have a brain that is in good working condition (and I only know people who do) then you should be figuring out what you have to sell or save in order to get your butt to France. Seriously, if you miss out on this chance then I will just have to deem you as clinically brain-fried (yes, that is a new term)!

On another note (I’m a bit pressed for time) Pierre, Théo and I were invited to celebrate Chinese New Year’s with some students this past Sunday. It was a great treat to eat some authentic Chinese food with such sweet students. I only wish that I had brought my camera with me!

Also, it’s been snowing here like it’s going out of style and I happened to wake up one morning to what looked like an alien landing in our backyard. I’m including one picture of that and also a picture of Théo and Pierre that was taken yesterday. Little Théo still has a cold, poor little guy, but he is in good spirits.

Love and light!


the aliens have landed

my two guys


§ 2 Responses to it’s official, we’re moving!!

  • muriel eveille says:

    a nice website for your french house….

    • What a cute site, thanks for sharing it with me! I liked the family tree stickers and I also noticed that they had Abigail Brown’s artwork (I just discovered her and find her work delightful). I can’t wait to see what you have done with your house since the last time that P and I visited :) Now that we are moving it will be easier to visit – I couldn’t be happier :)

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