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February 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

The boy is obsessed with learning how to walk.  He practices standing and walking every waking chance that he gets and my poor back is killing me from walking around the house all bent over.  He’s also getting into everything and he especially likes child friendly items like electrical cords and phone jacks…I’ve found that it gets tiring to have to say “no” all the time so now I’ve come up with different phrases like “that’s not a toy” or “that’s dangerous” or “that’s papa’s”…it beats having to pound the negative one answer response to everything that interests him – poor little guy.

I love this little bookshelf!

Théo and I were so lucky this week as we each got some special packages from family and friends in Canada and the U.S. He also received his first Valentine’s Day card from his auntie Catie and here he is opening his little gift. I can tell you that it took a while…but I was patient…although, truth be told, I ended up opening it up after he got captivated by a long strip of paper that he managed to rip off.

wow, the perfect strip of paper-life's good

Something exceptional that happened today was the fact that Alejandra and I were able to get away without any kids in tow! We actually had a little outing all to ourselves and the best part was that it involved a shoe sale and lunch. Could life get any better than a shoe sale and lunch with a fun friend?! I don’t think so :) Ale made out pretty well in the first shoe shop and I actually ended up buying some really cool boots for myself as well.  During lunch we kind of reminisced about our lives before having babies…oh the carefree single life of a young and modern woman… We both agreed that we did a great thing by having so much fun by going out before settling down.  That way you get the best of both worlds and I know that I wouldn’t change my current world for anything on this planet.

Stay tuned for my next post – I’ve got something that I can’t share until tomorrow but if I could I’d shout it out over the rooftops right this second. Until next time! Love and light, Danielle

fresh from a morning nap

napping again as mama labors on


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