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January 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

Théo has really been getting into his “walking” sessions lately.  He loves, loves when I hold his hands and allow him to wander the house as he pleases.  He also has mastered the art of pulling himself up to a standing position and has even managed to start “cruising” since I’ve enticed him with some toys lined up in different spots along the couch.

"Oh well, I guess I'm stuck here..."

Every time I feed Théo (and it feels like I do it ALL day long) I ask him if he’d like “more” between almost every bite of food.  I also always ask him if he’s “hungry” and then I mention what meal he’ll be eating (breakfast, lunch,etc). Well, today I could almost swear that he was trying to say “more” between spoonfuls of his lunch.  It was crazy!! He can already say “mama” in a clear way and so I know that he’s trying to say something new since his “more” comes out like “maw”. At this point I’ll need to play close attention to what he says tomorrow but this is something of a mixture between cute and borderline scary if you know what I mean!

Here are some pictures from our walk last week.  On this particular day the sun happened to be out and so I took advantage of it by walking through the goats’ grazing area and out towards the frozen beach.

Théo's facing in the direction of the water

frozen water along the bridge to Copenhagen

If there’s one tough thing about Théo it’s that he never complains about the cold!

it's cold but I'm still happy mama

Pierre and I hosted a dinner party last night and some of our honored guests were under age! Here are two pictures of Théo and his buddy Vicente!

hey dude, it's been awhile!

Before posting the next picture I just want to mention that Alejandra (Vicente’s mom) brought over some wafer-like crackers yesterday for Vicente to snack on and Théo to try. While he didn’t eat them last night (he just kept dropping them on the floor) he did manage to eat some today! My baby’s chewing on crackers!!

yay, we're together again!

stop screaming Théo, you're freaking me out!

Lastly, I’d like to include some pictures from tonight.  It’s been snowing here like crazy and poor Pierre has shoveled snow left and right :) but tonight was just fun since I went into the backyard and got to make snow angels! Oh and I stayed in my pyjamas all day long with my hair in a ponytail and no makeup!! All in all I had the most comfy and cozy day with my boys!!

too cool for school


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