make a list like a hungry crane

December 16, 2009 § Leave a comment

I cannot sleep.  I keep thinking about all of the things that I want to do or finish.  Here is a list:

1. I want to fix my sewing machine. I was so excited about teaching myself how to use it that I managed to get it “stuck” with a load of thread three times in a row.  I was able to get the thread out the first two times but haven’t had any success the third time around…hoping that I won’t have to have it sent to a professional…

2. I want to finish the children’s book that I am working on.  I was able to put in some time on it but then, out of the blue, life got in the way.  I have the feeling that I just have to realize that I am no longer going to be able to get the sleep that my body really deserves…having a child means that you have to not only use your time more wisely but it also means that you have to get used to sleeping less. In my case it’s MUCH less.

3. I want to get a better hang of using our camera.  It’s a shame that I’m such an amateur!  Seriously, how difficult can it be to take semi good pictures. I’m not asking to take photos like a professional, just like a person with a brain.

4. I have to remember to take pictures of all of my little craft projects as they occur.  I think that looking back on them will help inspire any future projects.  Just recently I wrapped a series of gifts for a little girl in plain brown paper that I decorated myself.  I love wrapping gifts and it would be neat to have all of the different styles chronicled.

5. I need to get in touch with some friends that I haven’t spoken to in a while! It’s crazy how a few weeks can turn into a few months! Shame on me for letting time slip by like that!

6. I have to find my old origami book.  For some weird reason I’ve been wanting to get back into that for a few months now. Oh yes, now I remember…I want to make Théo a new mobile made up entirely of origami cranes. The image below was taken from here

learn more about how to make cranes here

7. I’ve been thinking about taking up my old hobby of making cards again.  I used to enjoy making cards and once had the thought of even selling them. Whatever happened to that dream?

8. I need to write more.  I think of so many things that I want to write about as my day progresses and then at night I get upset that I haven’t found or made the time to write anything at all!

Oh my God!!! Now I’m hungry again! It’s so darn late that I’m actually hungry again, can you believe it? Théo will be up in an hour or two and now I’ve really got to get some rest. Hungry or not I need to sleep.


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